Corporate travel

Corporate Partnership

Villada offers customised partnership models for companies to implement travels and events abroad and in Finland. Corporate Partnership and its duration is formed according to the needs of the corporation. Models can vary from organising yearly travels to organising events and providing perks for the personnel.

centralised travel and event organising

In travel and event organising cooperation model our clients have their own Travel Manager, who handles the bookings and events for the company. In the long term partnership the travels and events can be organised effectively and quickly, to save time and money for the customer. 

"Villada has been our partner in corporate and personnel travels now for four years. Via them we have organised for example salesday accommodation, personnel recreational holidays abroad and in Finland, pre-christmas parties and annual gala. We appreciate especially the effortless, fast and high-quality service. Solution to last minute changes and extra services has always been found. Implementing the services via Villada has been top quality and saved us money and time."

- Henri Ketola, Chief of staff, LVIturva

employee perks

Would you like to offer exceptional employee perk for the personnel of your company? We have partnerships with Finnish companies who are willing to provide high-quality villas from Finland and Southern Europe destinations for their personnels use. These perks can be implemented for example as a travel gift card, where the the amount can be decided by the company. 

Our corporate partners will have their own Travel Manager, who takes care of the villa bookings for the personnel. Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll tell you more about our service.

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