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Algarve - beautiful beaches, spectacular views and high-class golf courses

Algarve is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. It’s known for example for its fabulous beaches, colourful culture history and astonishing golf courses. There’re multiple possibilities for different kinds of activities - for example for boat trips, surfing and exploring the mysterious caves. During some of the boat trips it’s also possible to see wildlife such as dolphins and wales in their natural habitat. Algarve offers its guests a marvellous holiday experience: the guests are allowed to enjoy a paradise with beautiful landscapes and interesting history. In addition to that they arrange for example guided bike tours on the mountains and wine tasting in Algarve. There’re many historical sights that have their own, fascinating story. Algarve is definitely one of the best destinations for a beach holiday in Europe!

Why is Algarve such a popular destination then? Of course because of its beautiful beaches and warm climate - the sun shines in Algarve through the whole year. There’re also multiple fascinating historical landmarks and sights because during the expeditions the great adventures started from Algarve and by the time people also thought that the edge of the world was located in Algarve.

In addition to that there’re several high-quality golf courses where both the more experienced golf players and the first-timers can enjoy their time. Snorkling and surfing are also popular activities in Algarve. The best beaches of Algarve are located in the southern part of Algarve. There’s for example Praia da Marinha which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

In addition to the beaches, there’re also many other things to admire in Algarve - for instance a historical landmark Cabo de São Vicente, the old centre of Faro, the city of Tavira and the Bengali cave. In Lagos there’re lots of historical sights and magnificent beaches as well. The easiest way to travel to Algarve is by airplane. Algarve international airport is located in Faro. At the airport car rental is also possible.


Cabo de São Vicente is one of the most famous landmarks in Algarve. It’s historically remarkable because people used to think that it was the edge of the world. It was also a landmark for those sailing back from Africa and America. There’re gorgeous views from Cabo de Sao Vicente - spectacular rocks and a lighthouse that guides ships on their right routes. In the lighthouse there’s a cafe where you can enjoy the majestic views of Cabo de Sao Vicente. The cape is located in six kilometers from Sagres and in 40 kilometers from Lagos. The easiest way to travel to the cape is by car but you can also get there by bus.


On a boat trip you get to explore the marvellous coastline and the mysterious caves in Carvoeiro - you'll visit caves along the coastline between Carvoeiro and Benagil. The boat trips are guided by local fishermen who are able to speak English and the trips take from 20 minutes to one hour. During the boat trip the guests are allowed to go all the way to Carvalho Beach and the longer trips take the guests even to Benagil and to the largest cave in the area. Some of the caves are so huge that even the biggest boats can enter them. The boat trips are dependent on the weather conditions so booking a trip is possible only a day before. The boat trip takes its guests for instance to Carvoeiro Beach, Algar Seco, Vale de Covo, Centeanes Beach, Calvary Beach, Benagil Beach and Marina Beach. Some of the tourist boats offer lunch that includes grilled sardin, salad and bread.


For those who enjoy being close to nature, Ria Formosa Natural Park Bike Tour is a brilliant choice for an activity. This tour takes its visitors along Ecovia Litoral. The tour starts from the city of Faro and is guided by a tour guide. There’re enough breaks along the way so there's also enough time to enjoy the surrounding landscapes and take photos, for instance. The tour takes for three hours. The participants get their own bicycles and also some binoculars that can be used for admiring the views. The views differ from spectacular sea views to glorious mountain views. The departure time is at nine in the morning.