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The Balearic Islands - Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands where many people like to go on a holiday. Ibiza boasts more than 161 kilometer (100 miles) of coast-line with some 50 beaches, plus plenty of restaurants, bars, and water sports and clubs, of course. Although Ibiza is pretty small, the separate towns on the island are very different and especially San Antonio is a very popular destination. Ibiza Town is a whole other vibe with beautiful hotels, boutique shops and very beautiful and romantic restaurants with good customer service. Transportation is easy to use there, too.

Ibiza has two totally different seasons. During the high season time which is from May to October there are the best parties at the famous clubs and the island is the busiest during that period. On the other hand when it`s off-season the streets are more quiet, you can walk around enjoying the atmosphear and you will also have more space at the beaches. 

The island is also perfect for the adrenalin - fueled with activities. Ibiza offers many different water activities for the sport lovers - for example cliff diving, hydroject packing or scuba diving in the clear water. The island is full with different kinds of services so the activities are easy to arrange. 

One of the must-dos when you are in ibiza is to rent a car and make a day trip and explore around the islands. There is definitely a lot to do and see in Ibiza like Es Verda, The Hippy Market, Dalt Vila and many beaches that are not full. The only difficulty is really where to start. The more you come to know the region, the easier it's to nagivate around the island.

Dangling off the south coast of Ibiza, a mere half-hour away by fast ferry, the 20km-long island of Formentera (population 12,120) is a beautifully pure, get-away-from-it-all escape. Formentera's pace of life is blissfully languid, designed for lazy days spent lounging on some of Europe's - if we may say - most exquisite beaches. This island is definetely worth seeing!


The best way of to get to see the island is to rent a car/scooter for a day and exploring.

There are so many places to see so we recommend to start from the closest beach. Also a good option is driving straight to Sant Antonio or to Ibiza town and making stops on the way but saving the best place for last which is Es Verda. Es Verda is very beautiful but popular so try to get there a couple of hours before sunset to enjoy the sunset and having a dinner at beach restaurant.

2. Visit the hippy markets

Have you heard about Ibiza's famous Hippy Market? It's one of the islands' top attractions and a must-see for every turist. There are many Hippy Markets around the island, the famous ones are Las Dallas night market and Hippy Market Punta Arabí. We recommend you to look which one is the closets, what day it is open, go and buy the most memorable souvenirs from Ibiza.

3. Day trip to formentera

Formentera is located just 30 minutes from Ibiza by a fast water bus. It is a smaller and more southern island of the Pityusic Island group which belongs to the Balearic Island.

There is a possibility for transportation because the two beaches that people go to are bit far in walking distance so it's faster to use transportation to save time, hit the turquoise beach and eat good food in wonderful restaurants just by the beach.