Travel tips

Bali - The island of Gods

The beautiful island of Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations of Indonesia. The Indonesian paradise best known for it’s tropical landscapes, volcanic mountains and crystal clear water is simply a must-go. Populated by 3 million people, also known as The island of Gods, Bali is located on the east side of Lombok, belonging to the group of the Sunda Islands in the Malay archipelago. Locating 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali’s humid and tropical climate offers warmth throughout the year with the temperature being + 30 celsius degrees all year around within the coast.

The travel paradise has to distinctive seasons: rainy season from October to March and dry season from April to September. The days during rainy season, however, are mostly rain-free letting travellers enjoy the endless opportunities of the unique dream-like island. The rains of the dry season usually come down during the evening and nights bringing refreshing breeze alongside the gust of wind experienced in the evenings. The main languages spoken on the island are Indonesian and Bali, yet english is widely spoken making the spot easy to visit.

Bali appears through its beautiful nature, white sand beaches and chilled islands. These flourishing surroundings are often described as something more - Bali is said be a state of mind - a relaxing destination that lures visitors from adrenaline junkie surfers to families looking for a soothing holiday. The Indonesian Island offers countless activities from yoga and diving classes to shopping and culture. Whether you choose to climb up the Mountain of Gunung Agun or want to enjoy the delicious seafood barbeque in Jimbaran beach, it is more than safe to say Bali truly has something for everyone.

1. Nusa Penida 

Escape the main island for some seriously chilled island time. Adventurous ones can reach the isolated beaches and temples by renting a motor bike. For divers this is one of the best spots in the world to see sunfish and manta rays.

2. Beach Fun

Bali beaches offers something for everyone. The white sand beaches are perfect surrounding for a family holiday. The best known beach Kuta provides a vast range of services where as in Jimbaran you can enjoy more quiet evening enjoying the great foods.

Or are you looking for more excitment? Surfing, jet skiing and other watersporst will definitely give you some adrenaline rush. For more advanced surffers Uluwatu is the place to visit, when beginners can start from Padang Padang Right for instance. 

3. The palace of Tirta Gangga 

is told to be on of the island’s most beautiful palaces. A mountain bike tour is a great way to experience the local country side with its rice fields and temples. Tip: Visit the spot during evening to avoid other tourists.