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Lake Maggiore - beautiful villages, glorious mountains & medieval castles

Lake Maggiore is one of the most popular destinations in North Italy. There are many activities for visitors: multiple villages to visit as well as many islands and mountains to explore. In addition to that, there are many different kinds of medieval castles. It’s a great destination for someone who’s interested in enjoying the harmony of peaceful atmosphere, italian food culture and historical sights. On top of that Lake Maggiore offers its visitors many possibilities for different kinds of activities - for hiking and cycling, for instance. Lake Maggiore is located on the boarder of Italy and Switzerland - only 60 kilometers from Milano. Along the lake there’re numerous villages and cities - Arona, Stresa, Cannero Riviera and Locarno, for example.

Why do so many people find Lake Maggiore such a great destination then? First of all, it’s a great place to be close to nature and to be able to truly unwind. The atmosphere of Lake Maggiore is unique and as aforesaid, there is a lot to explore and experience. The ambience is unspeakably beautiful: there are many spectacular mountains and islands, graceful villages and medieval castles. In Lake Maggiore you can really feel like you are allowed to enjoy your life to the fullest and live one moment in time.

The easiest way to travel to Lake Maggiore is to fly to Malpensa Airport in Milano. Lake Maggiore is located in humid sustropical area and the average annual temperature in the area is 15.5 Celsius and the water of the lake is around 20-22 Celsius in July and August.

There’re multiple islands in Lake Maggiore area: Borromean Islands, Brissago Islands, Castelli di Cannero and Isolino Partegora. Borromean Islands include such islands as Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori, Isolino di San Giovanni and Scoglio della Malghera. These islands are popular attractions due to their incredible scenery and they are totally worth exploring when visiting Lake Maggiore!


Lago Maggiore Express lake tour is a good way to go sightseeing in Lake Maggiore. During the tour you'll get to visit Lake Maggiore, Stresa, Isola Bella, Ascona, Locarno and Centovalli. The tour takes its visitors also to Ticino - the southern part of Italy and Switzerland. You'll be priviledged to see Centovalli Vigezzo's wild and romantic area where there are many incredible valleys. The views vary between bridges, rivers, vineyards, forests and villages. On the tour you'll get to experience Lake Maggiore for three hours: Borrome islands, Cannero castles and Brissago islands... In all of the aforesaid there are atmospheric villages and beautiful beaches. You'll be able to explore villages like Stresa, Ascona and Locarno that are known to be great attractions for enjoying the local culture. On this tour you will certainly be able to enjoy the Mediterrian atmosphere of Lake Maggiore. 


Sasso del Ferro - a 1062 meters high mountain in the village of Laveno - is a popular attraction in Lake Maggiore. In order to get to Sasso del Ferro you can use for instance a zip-line that starts from Laveno's centre and ends up in Sasso del Ferro. On top of Sasso del Ferro mountain you'll get to enjoy spectacular views because you can see almost the whole Lake Maggiore from there. In addition to that there is a high-class restaurant where you can enjoy the Italian delicacy. Besides Sasso del Ferro there're multiple other sights and activities in Laveno - for example many historical sights and lots of possibilities to do different kinds of sports.


Along Lake Maggiore there're also many different kinds of museums and one of them is Rocca D'Angera. This gorgeous fortress is located in the southern part of Lake Maggiore. There are spectacular Medieval gardens, historical halls and a toy museum where children love to spend time at. In Rocca d'Angera there're three buildings from different eras - from the Middle Ages to the 15th century: the Torre Castellana, Ala Scaliegra, Ala Viscontea, Torre di Giovanni Visconti and Ala del Borromeo. In the halls of the fortress there're magnificent paintings, portraits and furnitures from different eras. This museum is definitely worth visiting.