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Mythological Crete

Crete is Greece's largest island known for its mythological culture history, white mountains and fine-sand beaches. Locals (there are around 623 000 of them by the way) call Crete “Megalónisos”, the great island, which is no wonder as Crete stands out almost as substantial land in its own right, locating far to the south of most parts of rest of the country. Capital of this beloved island is Heraklion through which most of the tourist arrive when their planes first land on the Greek soil. The Heraklion Airport is Greece's second busiest one with nearly 7 million passengers in year 2016.

Cretan diverse landscapes unfold through sun-drenched beaches, ancient architecture and imposing mountains. The climate is quite pleasant throughout the year with the tourists favoring the months from April to mid-October and high season lasting from late-June to the end August. Crete is an island where there is a lot to see and everything is easily accessed with a car. The amazing scenery changes from steep gorges to snow-capped mountains and from rugged canyons to sandy beaches by the crystalline waters. Besides the breath-taking scenery and warmth, Crete is captivating travellers with its ancient and mythological culture where the civilization is counted in milleniums.

Europeans first civilization withholds several ancient treasures and, according to British Writer Saki, has made more culture that can be locally consumed. Sights such as the Minoan palaces and Byzantine influenced monasteries showcase the legacy of a rich cultural history. The culture, however, isn’t limited to ancient buildings as Crete is known for its many festivals and tasty cuisine which is more of a way of life for the locas. Known as one of the healthiest diets is the world, Cretan cuisine celebrates with fresh seafood, local cheeses and tasty olive oils that are served in cozy tavernas all around the island. And then, of course, there is the wine and the shots of Raki. Crete is a perfect mixture of warmth and culture providing experiences from the liveliness of the vibrant cities to the easiness of the mellow villages.

When next time in Crete, make sure you visit locations below! 

1. Chania old town 

, also spelled Hania, is an evocative city by the old venetian harbour and the old town is its beating heart. Enjoy walks by the waterfront on while gazing the historical architecture, do shopping on the various boutiques or unwind in the restaurants. Even Though quite popular during the summertime, Chania is a charming sight to get many things in a one place.

2. Palace of Knossos 

Located 5 kilometers from Iraklio, the Palace of Knossos is Crete’s most famous attraction. The Minoan palaces where complexed buildings where political power, religious authority and economic activities took place in one location. Enjoy the impressive ruins and recreations from apartments to courtyards.

3. Elafonisi beach

If you think there is no holiday without hitting the beach, the remote one of Elafonisi is a must-go. Located 75 kilometers from Chania, the Elafonisi beach provides a unique setting consisting of a small islet, turquoise water and pink sand.Elafonisi island can be reached by foot via the shallow waters. Tip: come early in the morning to experience the magic.