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Provence - spectacular landscapes, beautiful vineyards and tasty food

Provence is located in the southeast France and on the Mediterranean coast. It is a perfect location for those who love countryside but also for those who prefer spending their holiday in a city. There're many vineyards, historical cities, beautiful villages and laveder fields, for instance. Provence reaches all the way from the Mediterranean coast to Alps. Provence's triumphs are herbs, wines and the warm sunshine, for example. The best time to visit Provence is in the summer time and in the early autumn. Late spring is the best time for traveling in case you're interested in the local wine culture.

There're lots of opportunities for doing different kinds of activities in Provence: there're multiple golf courses, fun parks and water parks, for exampe. In addition to that it's also possible to do water sports, horseback riding, sailing, hiking and so on. There're also many beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy the warm wheather.

Even though the public transport is cheap and works well in Provence, renting a car is a good way to experience the surrounding area properly. A rental car gives you the freedom to visit all the interesting destinations in Provence and to really enjoy the landscape. Instead, taking a taxi is quite expensive in Provence. 

The easiest way to travel to Provence is by airplain. Aéroport International Nice Côte d’Azur is located under 10 kilometers from the centre of Nizza. Another nearby airport is Marseille Provence Airport. 

There're multiple spectacular attractions in Provence. In the following chapters there're a few recommendations for your next visit in Provence.


Camargue is a dream destination for a birdwatcher because of its variety of different kinds of birds. In addition there're also other intriguing animal species such as black streers and camargue horses. It's possible to go on a horseback riding excursion and experience the surrounding land from the back of a horse. In this area a horseback riding excursion is, in fact, highly recommended because it's not even possible to go everywhere by car here.


Aix-en-Provence is suitable for those who enjoy tasty food and cultural experiences. It also allures those who want to go shopping and those who want to go to a spa, for example. In a nutshell Aix-en-Provence is a hedonist's favourite destination. There're over 700 restaurants, several cafes and beautiful vineyards. For instance, wine and culture center called Château La Coste is open year-round. 


Calanques National Park is the 10th national park in France and reaches all the way from Marseille to La Ciotat. The park is known for example for its spectacular landscapes and biodiversity. In the park it's possible to do different kinds of activities such as snorkling, sailing, climbing and hiking. The best way to go on a visit there is to take a boat from the Cassisi port or take a day trip from Marseilles. Arriving by car it's important to notice that the nearest beach is in an hour hike from the parking lot.