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Hidden gems of Costa Brava

Costa Brava translates to "rugged coast" which really is a perfect description of this spectacular region. Costa Brava is a 120 km stretch of beautiful scene in the region of Catalonia in the North East corner of Spain. Northern of Catalonia is one of the beautiful, magnificent and enchanting regions in Spain to explore! The costs stretches from Blanes, North of Bracelona, to Roses heart of the French boarder. Costa Brava is formed by a lot of little towns and small fishing ports like Cadaquès, which was the residence of Salvador Dali. Marvelous beaches and many other entertainments will fill your time in the Costa Brava with an average anual temperature of 17 degrees, moderate rain and 2500 sunny hours every year.

The former playground of artists, the Costa Brava’s beauty lies not just in its breathtaking coastline, but in the charm of its many towns and hidden gems. While the coast is a must-see, the region is packed with intimate and enchanting experiences you won’t find on a postcard.

In the centre of Costa Brava lies the Montgri massif, along with the Gavaves and Guilleries mountain ranges. The Montgri massif, near to the mouth of the River Ter, separates the Alt Empordà from the Baix Empordà and juts out into the sea as far as the Medes Islands. Many unspoiled villages such as Cadaqués remain in the Costa Brava region and have managed to avoid the over-development that has plagued this area in recent decades. Costa Brava is one of the world’s premier cork-growing regions, supplying wine producers with a precious supply of corks. The cork oak tree is endemic to southwestern Europe and northern Africa. About 22 per cent of the world’s cork production comes from Spain. No wonder it`s the costa with the most.

When next time in Costa Brava, make sure you visit locations below!

1. Girona Cathedral 

The Cathedral is located at the heart of the Força Vella. Built between the 11th and 18th centuries, Its most singular feature is its large Gothic nave (15th-16th centuries) which, at a width of 23 metres, is the widest of its kind in the world.

Gironas Cathedral is also the Free City of Essos, in Game of Thrones during season six many scenes of the popular tv-series are shot in the Cathedral.

2. Fishing port Cadaques

If you ask most Barcelona locals to name the most beautiful village in Costa Brava, the chances are that they will say Cadaques. Set in a sheltered bay on the southern side of the Cap de Creus peninsula, this small town was once a busy port who’s economy was based on fishing, wine-making and olive oil production.This beautiful small town is only couple hour hours away from the village of Tamariu where most of our villas are located in Costa Brava.

3. Explore Sitges

Located 35km along the coast of south west of Barcelona, Sitges sizzles with beach life and enviable clutch of festivals. But if you are more interested in culture than laying on the beach head to Església de Sant Joan church which is located next to the coastline and walk around the church. This small town has been a resort town since 19th century and is also known for its openness to the LGBT-community and having the first gay beach in Spain.