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Incentive trip in marbella

"Our company wanted to reward 15 employees with a holiday in Marbella. Villada as organizer made the trip very easy and effortless for us. It was so nice to leave for a holiday, when everything was already planned for us and all we needed to do was to enjoy the trip. Villa El Cano and the whole destination suited our wishes perfectly and gave excellent baseline for our holiday."

collaboration with villada

"There was a lot of activities and program organised for us. Activities were something the whole group liked, such as cycling, golfing and boat trips. Especially delightful was, that always when we had some questions, Villada was ready to help. The whole trip was just unforgettable experience. The villa surpassed all our expectations with its location and quality, even though we had seen it in pictures beforehand. The chefs also made super tasty food for us in the villa. Grade for the whole holiday is definitely 5 out of 5."

- Anton Koski, Pohjolan LVIturva

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