Booking Terms 2017-2018

Booking Terms


In order to confirm the booking, the client must pay 40% of the rental cost at the time of booking (deposit payment). The booking will be confirmed only after the deposit payment has been made. The balance payment (the final 60% of the rental cost) is due no later than 9 weeks before the client’s arrival at the accommodation. If the booking is made less than 9 weeks prior to arrival, the full amount of the rental cost must be paid at the time of booking. By paying, the client agrees to these terms. 


Payments are made via Paytrail online payment, credit card payment or bank transfer to Villada Travel Group Ltd's account. The customer pays any costs incurred by bank transfer.


Any cancellation made by the client must be made in writing (e-mail) and sent to Villada. The cancellation date is considered to be the date when Villada receives the cancellation e-mail.

If the cancellation occurs earlier than 9 weeks prior to arrival, the client will not be required to pay the balance payment (the remaining 60% of the rental cost), but the deposit payment made at the initial booking is not refundable. If the cancellation occurs within 9 weeks prior to arrival, no payments will be refunded to the client.

The cancellation conditions applies even if the client, or a family member of the client, falls seriously ill, is in an accident or dies. Villada recommends all clients to purchase a travel insurance for sudden accidents. 


Villada has the right to cancel a client’s booking in cases of force majeure. Villada is also entitled to cancel a booking without notice if the customer does not pay the deposit payment or balance payment on the agreed maturity date. If a booking has to be canceled due to interference behaviour of the client during the stay in the accommodation, no payments will be returned to the client.


If the customer damages the property during the rental period, the customer is obliged to compensate for the damage and pay directly to the property owner. Rules and instructions issued by the property owner or villa manager must be followed by the guests during the rental period. Violations may result in claims. When renting certain properties, the client is required to pay a Security Deposit at the start of the rental period. This deposit will be refunded to the client on departure day if the accommodation or property have not been damaged.

Villada is not responsible for any damage or injury that the customer suffers as a result of unforeseeable reasons (force majeure) such as war or natural disasters.