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Villada Ltd follows the secure processing of personal data and we understand the importance of data privacy. We process personal data according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy we explain the principles of personal data processing at Villada.

Data Controller

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What personal data do we collect and from which sources

Villada collects data primarily straight from website users from the contact and reservation forms sent via Villada’s website and from personal communication (phone and email conversations).

Collected data includes clients name, address, email address, phone number and if necessary, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, place of birth and passport information from all guests in the booking.

Principles of data processing

Processing personal data is based on consent, customer relation or other handling obligated by regulations. Customers can withdraw their consent to personal data processing any time, but in that case delivering the booked service cannot be guaranteed. Personal data can be processed without customers consent when it is necessary to execute the contract made or to fill obligations based on law.

Customers give their consent to personal data processing while using website, its language versions and when communicating with Villada customer service or other company representative.

Main booker has to inform also other travelers personal data, who are accommodated in the same property. We require that the accommodation booker has everyone’s consent to forward the personal information. If someone else has made a reservation concerning you, we collect all the information from that person. The same applies to the situation where someone else has contacted us on your behalf.

Purpose of personal data processing

We collect your personal information so we can execute your accommodation service in accordance with the concluded contract. Executing and processing the accommodation reservation requires processing personal data in various ways, depending on the destination. Information is used for availability inquiries, reservation requests, making reservations, reservation confirmations and preparing and sending arrival instructions. Accommodation reservation administration requires also using information to accounting, billing etc.

Contact information and message history will be used to communicate with the customer, maintaining customer relationships and developing products and operations. We do not buy information from external companies or sell your information to third parties. Villada does not use information for automated decision making or profiling.

Saving, keeping and protecting data

Personal data is saved to our booking systems customer database. Only Villada Ltd personnel have access to the system. Systems where personal data is processed, are protected properly and data is processed carefully. The physical and digital personal data stored on the internet server and its security is taken care of by required matters. Data controller ensures that saved data and server licenses and other critical data in terms of personal privacy security are processed confidentially and only by employees whose job description it belongs to.

Sharing data

Villada works as an accommodation service mediator, so personal data is required to be given also for third parties which may be located outside of Finland and the EU/EEA area, in order to implement the service. Current third parties can be Villadas in-destination villa managers, villa owners, local authorities or other relevant parties in terms of travel arrangements. We make sure that data is shared according to EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data is also shared to other contract partners, for example to accounting companies and payment institutions, all of which process personal data as required by the contract. We do not share data for marketing purposes.

Personal data retention period

We retain personal data in our customer register for as long as it is necessary for the data processing. Personal data is retained in the customer register until the customer relationship between the registered person and Villada can be considered ended.

We retain personal data in our customer register usually two years after the latest reservation or service contact.

If you have registered as a newsletter subscriber, we will process the necessary data until you cancel the newsletter subscription. You can cancel the newsletter subscription at any time via the newsletter cancellation link or by contacting Villadas customer service.

Some data may have to be retained for a longer period of time than stated due to legal reasons.

Rights of the registered customer

Customer has the right to object to the processing of his/hers personal data which has been based on the customer relationship. Customer also has the right to cancel the consent given to personal data processing in which case we stop processing customer’s personal data based on consent. To cancel the consent and object the personal data processing, customer must contact Villada in writing to the above mentioned address.

Although data processing based on customer relationship or consent is stopped, data may be stored for other purposes, for example for legal reasons.

Customer has the right to verify data stored by Villada and has the right to have incorrect information corrected. Customers can ask for registration document with information about him/herself by sending a signed written request to Villada by mail.

Data controller can ask the person asking for personal registration document to prove their identity, if needed. Data controller responds to customers within the time set by EU General Data Protection Regulation (usually within a month).


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