Case Republic of Communications / Work retreat in Croatia

off-site working in croatia

Eight employees from Republic of Communications spent five days in Croatia in Villa Primosten doing their writing and designing work and having meetings. 

"The weather was good almost the entire time so we were mostly working outside by the pool. We had meetings in the beach close by or at the same time when taking a walk in the neighborhood. There was a lot of different working places in the villa for everyone and the internet connection worked well."

collaboration with villada

"The properties Villada organised for our work and free time were great. Big common spaces inside and outside were nice for spending time together. We used the big dining table inside as a working station as well. Views from the balconies to the sea were so beautiful and outside the villa there was stairs leading straight to the beach if we wanted to swim in the sea instead of the pool. 

We cooked lunches together in the kitchen and ate in the outside dining area. In the evenings we either had barbecue in the villa or went to some restaurant in the village. There was a promenade going to the village which was nice when we wanted to walk instead of taking the taxi. During these five days we worked more than usually at the office, but it didn't bother us since the environment for designing and ideation was so beautiful."

- Cyrila Cibulka, Republic of Communications

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