Sports & Wellness Travel

Together with cooperation partners Villada implements Sports and Wellness travels. Villas with several bedrooms are excellent for active holidays, also for bigger groups. Along with the accommodation, we customise for example eatings, transportations and sport equipment rentals according to customers needs. In case you're planning a wellness travel with your own group, or would like to join the upcoming group travels, contact us and we'll tell you more.

Wellness holiday in northern italy

"We took 30 customers, who are interested in well-being and quality, for a Sports and Wellbeing Travel to beautiful scenes of Italy. Our objective was to offer unforgettable experience for our clients regarding the landscapes, properties and content of the trip. 

Villa as a type of accommodation suited us perfectly because we aim to offer unique destinations for our clients. We want to guarantee spectacular views, high-quality accommodation and spacious garden with full privacy, without forgetting the 5-star level in services. 

Villada team has understood our needs from the beginning, helped to find these destinations and offered smart and functioning solutions. Villada is well aware of customer needs and knows the destinations and the local contacts of the villa. Service is flexible and high-quality."

- Tiina Veijonen, My body&balnce Oy

wellness holiday in sicily

"Perfect properties to organise Yoga and Swimming retreat. Villa had a peaceful and verdant garden, big swimming pool and covered outside space for yoga, which made the accommodation perfectly suitable for our wellness holiday. Villadas plentiful selection gave us a chance to choose from many good destinations. They handled everything without any complaints. We will be using other villas from Villada in the future for sure."

- Laura Manninen, CEO, FitPit Oy

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