Villada Corporate

Villada Corporate offers custom-made, premium travel for the needs of corporate customers. We believe that a memorable journey starts in a unique environment - regarding both the accommodation and the surroundings. Check out the travel alternatives and implementations below.

corporate villas

All Villada corporate villas fulfill strict quality criteria. Destination needs to meet corporations requirements in premises high-class, such as in the services available. 

Criteria for the premises:

- In common level destinations correspond to 4 or 5 star hotels.

- Properties are furnished with high-class furniture and have high equipment level.

- There is a well functioning Wi-Fi connection.

- Number of bathrooms equals number of bedrooms.

- Interior and exterior spaces are totally private. 

Criteria for services:

- Level of services corresponds to 4 or 5 star hotels. 

- All destinations have the following services available: Daily cleaning and maintenance (inside and outside), refill of the fridges, chef services, butler and transportation. 

- Most of the destinations also have: 24/7 concierge service, host, activities and experiences.

Incentive travels, work retreats & Production travels

Villada corporate villas have alternatives for different needs of accommodation. Whether it's Incentive travel, companys management trip, work retreat for the team or production travel, Villada helps you to find the most unique accommodation for parties all size. Our selection consists of private castles, luxury villas and boutique hotels, among others. 

Learn more about different travel implementations:

  • Incentive Travel
  • Work Retreat
  • Sports & Wellness Travel
  • Production Travel

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