Rent your own village in Tuscany

The lovely Gaggioleto villa complex is like its own little village in Tuscany, in the breathtaking valley of the Val di Chio. The influence of the nearest town, Arezzo, extends all the way to Gaggioleto, and its buildings are of the same historical style. The beautiful, rustically decorated buildings exude an authentic Tuscan atmosphere. The specialty of the region is the numerous wineries where you can taste the world-famous Tuscan wines.


The village of Gaggioleto consists of four historic buildings and accommodates a total of up to 26 + 2 guests. The Gaggioleto villa complex includes the large two-apartment villa La Casa Rosa, the two smaller villas Il Fienile and La Capanna, and the magnificent two-apartment La Palazzina. The property is for rent both as a whole and in parts.

Gaggioleto is a great place to host a variety of events and parties for groups of all sizes. The authentic Tuscan atmosphere and picturesque scenery will make your event a pleasant one!



Only 1.5 km from Gaggioleto is the Buccelletti Cantina winery, where you can celebrate in the stunning Tuscan countryside. The vineyard also has the opportunity to sample world-famous Tuscan wines. Buccelletti Cantina offers a selection of white, rosé and red IGT Toscana wines. The farm also produces fine brandies, grappa, and valuable extra-virgin olive oil, which represents the region’s organic farming.


In a high-quality villa complex, you will spend the wedding of your dreams in the magnificent Italian landscape. The well-kept garden can easily be converted into a wonderful venue, and the villas offer accommodation for the wedding party. Villada will be happy to help you organize a wedding, for example, it is possible to order a wedding planner through us.


Villada offers business travelers a wide range of travel options from traditional sales competition trips, recreational trips for the entire staff, and teleworking abroad. The destination, the duration of the trip, and the activities around the accommodation are always tailored to the needs of the company. For example, an incentive trip is a great way to reward and engage staff.

The Gaggioleto villa complex is also well suited for business use. Bring staff to enjoy an incentive trip, hold corporate parties, or book villas for telecommuting!


In addition to the Gaggioleto villa complex, there are three other villas within a 15-minute drive, allowing for more accommodation, even for weddings. Villa Borgo Stefano accommodates a total of 12 guests, and Villa San Martino as well as Villa Guardata each alone eight guests.

Villa Borgo Stefano

Villa in San Martino

Villa Guardata  

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