Work Retreat

Ways of working nowadays make it possible to work remotely from abroad in many companies. Villada offers multiple choices for Work Retreats from short workshop weekends to over a month lasting off-site working periods. Our choices in accommodation vary from smaller villas to private castles or even resorts. Besides the accommodation, we help with the necessary extra services and working facilities.

4-week offsite working period in caribbean

We at Villada organised a four-week offsite working period in Caribbean for our client. Starting point for this trip was to take over 100 people personnel to some warm and pleasant working environment in November. We beginned by mapping destinations in Asia and Caribbean. In the end, one of the Caribbean Island was chosen for this travel. Accommodation was organised in a 4-star beach resort with customised office spaces inside and outiside. 

team workshop week in croatia

"Working retreat in Croatia cheered us up and gave new energy for working. Beautiful landscapes inspired and meetings were a bit more pleasant to have in the sun by the pool or by the sea."

- Cyrila, Republic of Communications


Duration: 5 days (From Monday to Friday)

People: 8

Accommodation: Villa Primosten VII Link 

Price: 600€ / Person (Including flights, accommodation & airport transportation)

team kick off in lake como

"Our trip was excellent, we couldn't have wished for more! The Villa (or should we say Palazzo) impressed our whole group - me included, even I had seen it in pictures before the travel. Also the owner of the Villa deserves special thanks, he was super helpful and communication was easy with him. Trips and other activities were also succesful, no complaints. Lake Como stole a piece from everyones hearts I think, so attractive destination with great chances for outdoor activities in the nature. Already a year ago everything worked so smoothly with you, so I could already expect, that you are trustworthy and good organisers. You met these expectations once again."

- Miia Mäkinen, Executive Assistant


Duration: 3 days (From Thursday to Sunday)

People: 10

Accommodation: Villa 1913 Link 

Price: 900€ / Person (Including flights, accommodation & airport transportation)

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