Traveller info

Traveller info

Security deposit 

In most of our villas a security deposit is required. The amount of the security deposit as well as the payment method is specified on the villa profile page under "additional information". The payment method varies from villa to villa. The most common payment method is directly to the keyholder / caretaker upon arrival at the villa, either in cash or with credit card. At the end of your stay you will check the villa together with the owner or responsible villa staff on site. If the villa is in good condition, the security deposit you paid on arrival will be refunded to you. If the deposit was paid in cash you get the amount back immediately, and if you paid with credit card the deposit will be returned within approximately 1-3 weeks.

Villada can also hold the security deposit with reservation. In this case we will provide you with our bank account details and you are required to transfer the security deposit to our bank account. After the stay the owner or responsible villa staff on site will let us know the condition of the villa and if everything is in order, we will transfer the security deposit back to you within approximately 1-3 weeks.

Check-in / Check-out 

The check-in time on your arrival day is usually from 14:00, 15:00 or 16:00 o’clock. The specific check-in time is always specified on the villa’s profile page under “additional information”. During high season the villas are usually fully booked, and therefore the check-in times are usually very strict, since most of the time another tenant has left the villa the same day as you arrive, and the villa needs to be cleaned and prepared for your arrival. During low season, owners or villa managers on site can be flexible regarding the arrival time to the villa and might be able to adapt to your schedule. The easiest way to check if early check-in is possible, is to be in direct contact with the local villa manager. You will receive the villa manager’s contact information closer to your holiday (see “Arrival instructions timetable” below).

In some cases, there might be an extra fee for late check-in after a certain time. If this is the case, it is always specified on the villa profile page under “services and extra costs”.

The check-out time is usually before 10:00 o’clock. As in the case of early check-in, late check-outs can be hard (or impossible) to arrange during high season, since another tenant might be arriving the same day. During low season there might be some flexibility regarding the check-out time, depending on the following tenant's arrival time. Again, the easiest way to check if late check-out can be arranged, is to be in direct contact with the local villa manager.

Arrival instructions timetable

Four weeks before your holiday, you will receive an e-mail where we ask you to fill out your flight details, passenger details and estimated arrival time to the accommodation. You will receive detailed arrival instructions as well as contact information of the key holder / caretaker within one week after filling out the required details.

Arrival info filling details 

Local authorities in the destination country require villa owners to provide them with detailed information about guests who stay in their villas (such as name, birthday, passport number, nationality etc.). Villada is therefore obligated to collect this information and send it to the villa owner, who in turn passes it on to the local authorities. This procedure is similar to the one in hotels, where guests’ passports are registered upon arrival, only in this case the information is collected before the start of the trip. If the villa owners do not provide the local authorities with the required information, they may face hefty fines.

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the information collected is not used in any other ways than the one mentioned above, nor is it shared with any other parties than the ones mentioned above.


Baby cot / high chair 

If you need a baby cot and/or a high chair, please send us a request. In almost all of our villas one baby cot and one high chair can be arranged free of charge. Additional baby cots and/or high chairs can usually be arranged at an additional cost. However, in some of our villas there is always an extra fee for baby cots and/or high chairs. You will find more information about extra fees on the villa profile page under “services and extra costs” or by contacting Villada’s guest service team.

Extra services in the villa

Changes in group composition