Traveller info

Traveller info

Compulsory and optional additional services 

In some of our villas, an additional fee may be charged for services such as final cleaning, tourist tax, pool heating, air conditioning, electricity consumption or villa heating, etc. Possible additional costs are mentioned on the villa's description page under "Services and additional costs". If you want to add one of the additional services to your reservation, please contact our customer service before your trip. In some of our villas, the additional fees are paid on the spot in cash to the person responsible for the villa, but in most cases we send Villada's payment link with which you can pay for the services before the trip.

Please note that the services included in the price apply to normal, reasonable use. For example, even if electricity consumption is included in the rental price of the villa, electricity consumption from charging an electric car can be charged separately on the spot. Even if final cleaning is included in the rental price, the property must be left in a clean condition, dishes must be washed and garbage must be taken out according to the instructions.

Baby cots and high chairs 

If you need a baby cot and a high chair for the villa, contact us. In almost all of our villas, one cot and high chair can be arranged free of charge. If there is a need for more than one cot, it can often be arranged, but possibly for an additional fee. However, in some of our villas there is always an extra charge for cots and highchairs. If this is the case, information about the additional fee can be found in the "Services and extra costs" section of the villa's description page.

Optional additional services

It is not possible to order additional services, such as car rental, airport transfers or chef service directly through Villada. However, we and the owners of the villas have reliable, local service providers as partners, and we are happy to share recommendations about operators in the area and their contact information for our customers. However, the customer and the service provider always agree on additional services, and Villada is not responsible for providing the services.

Guest and arrival information 

Four weeks before the trip, we ask you to fill in the guest and arrival information. The necessary information about guests accommodating the villa varies depending on the destination, and we only collect from you the mandatory information in accordance with the official requirements of the travel destination. Arrival information includes flight information and estimated arrival time at the villa. The information provided will be shared with the villa manager or the owner of the villa and the information will not be used for any other purpose. In addition to advance information, in some destinations the passports/ID cards of all guests are checked upon check-in and the information is registered in accordance with local authority requirements.

Local authorities in destinations require villa owners to provide detailed information (such as name, date of birth, passport number, nationality) of guests staying at their villa. Villada is therefore obliged to collect this information and pass it on to the owner, who will pass it on to the authorities. This procedure is similar to registering hotel passports upon arrival, only in this situation the information is collected before the trip begins. If the owners of the villa do not present this information to the authorities, they may face large fines. We follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and the collected information is not used for any purpose other than the one mentioned above, and the information is not forwarded to parties other than the one mentioned above.

Privacy policy 

Changes in the number of guests 

If there are changes in your travel group, please contact Villada’s customer services and let us know. It is not possible to exceed the maximum accommodation capacity of the villas by others than children under 3-years-old. In some of our villas, the rental price is determined by the number of people or the rooms in use, so the rental costs may increase if the size of the group increases. Only persons whose names have been added to the accommodation information of the villa have the right to use the property during the reservation.

Arrival instruction

Detailed arrival instructions will be sent within about a week after we have received the requested guest and arrival information, however at the earliest about three weeks before the start of the reservation. Arrival instructions include the address/location information of the villa and the contact information of the keyholder. You are instructed to contact the keyholder usually a few days before the trip, and you can agree on matters related to check-in directly with him.

Security deposit

In most of our villas, a security deposit is required. The amount of the deposit and the method of payment are told on the villa's description page under "Additional information". The method of payment varies by villa. Most often, the payment is made directly to the keyholder upon arrival in cash or by credit card. At the end of the vacation, the owner of the villa or the person responsible for the villa will do a final inspection with you. If the villa is in good condition, the security deposit paid at the beginning will be returned in full. If the security deposit has been paid in cash, you will get it back immediately. Security deposit paid by credit card will be returned to the bank account in about 1-2 weeks.

In some of the villas, the security deposit is paid before the start of the reservation. In this case we will contact you a few weeks before the trip and give instructions for paying the security deposit as a bank transfer to Villada's bank account. After the trip, the owner of the villa or a corresponding person will inform us about the condition of the villa and if everything is in order, we will transfer the security deposit back to you within a week.

Check-in and check-out

The villa reservation usually starts at 4 pm on the day of arrival. The check-in time may vary per villa, and the time is always specified in the section "Additional information" on the villa's description page. You can inquire about the possibility of earlier check-in directly from the keyholder a couple of days before the trip at the earliest. It is good to note that there is usually no flexibility in the check-in time, especially during the summer season. If the previous tenants leave the villa on the day of your arrival, there must be time to clean and prepare the villa carefully before the start of your reservation.

The villa reservation usually ends at 10 am on the day of departure. You agree on a more detailed check-out schedule directly with the keyholder, who will inspect the house and possibly return the security deposit before you leave. A later check-out is also mostly impossible during the summer season if the next tenants arrive on your departure day. You can inquire about the possibility of a late check-out directly from the keyholder.

In some cases, a late check-in fee may apply after a certain time. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the "Services and additional costs" section of the villa's description page.

Further questions?

Do you have further questions that you have not received an answer to yet? See our FAQ or send us an e-mail at and we'll be more than happy to help you!